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Indutek / Danish Tool Systems  by Allan Andersen

A technological service provider :


    • Sales and service in:
        • Flowdrilling
        • Tapping
        • Minimal Lubrication
    • Development and production of
        • Indu-Lube® Minimal lubrication equipment
    • Product and tooling advisor
    • Method consulting


Allan Andersen

Dir. and owner

Company profile: (Top)

Indutek/Danish Tool Systems was established by the owner, Allan Andersen in 1991, due to an approach from Flowdrill B.V. Holland.
The main business area revolves around 
Flowdrill® frictional drill's, thread forming (tapping) and related tooling and machines, as well as consultancy in method and production optimization.

In April 2002 the company expanded through the purchase of the company; INDUTEK.

INDUTEK specializes in developing, producing and selling lubricating systems and lubrication for metal cutting and shaping purposes, primarely based on microspray-units; Indu-Lube® TP4 (minimal-lubrication) and drop lubricating units; Indu-Lube® P.
The sole owner, A
llan Andersen, is a skilled toolmaker, and educated as machine technician (PTA) in 1990. He has been working with Flowdrill® since the introduction world-wide in 1980, and with Indu-Lube® systems since 1991.

Main business partners : (Top)

Flowdrill B.V. Holland - Flowdrilling and Flowtapping equipment

Drilling machines from a.m.o. Ixion, Alzmetal an drilling units from Suhner and Sugino.

Market (Top)

Indutek/Danish Tool Systems supply a wide variety of metal working companies, from Grundfos to Kasto GmbH, and companies like Invacare, Expedit, Flexcoil a.m.m.

The customer group is dominated by companies working with thin walled metals in their primary production, typically tubes, pibes, profiles and sheet metal, but many branches use Flowdrill® and Indu-Lube® for efficiency improvement purposes, and as tools for solving specific construction and production demands.

Flowdrill B.V.:  (Top)

The close relations to Flowdrill B.V. Holland are the foundation of the agency, which has been attended by Indutek/Danish Tool Systems since 1991.
Flowdrill B.V. produce a specialized tooling system for frictional drilling in thin-walled materials, whereever enhanced capabilities, threads or soldered connections of great strenght are demanded for in RHS, pibes, profiles and sheet metal.

In close co-operation with
Flowdrill B.V. Indutek/Danish Tool Systems deliver the tooling to production sights manufacturing a.m.o. furniture, pumps, offshore equipm., heating systems, radiators, automotive parts, agricultural machinery, bicycles, lamps, etc.

Flowdrill B.V. provide the expertice to manufacture special Flowdrill's and in researching new areas of use. Flowdrilling is a method in constant expansion, and as inventor and producer the expertice of Flowdrill is a unique tool to the metal working industri.

Indu-Lube®:   (Top)

As of the 15. April 2002 Allan Andersen took over all activities in INDUTEK, due to the fact that the founder of INDUTEK, Karsten Møller, after more than 40 years in the machine selling business, chose to retire.

Hereby Danish Tool Systems expanded its business area with a new line of products, Indu-Lube®, which include developing, producing and selling efficient lubricating systems and suitable environmental friendly lubricants.

Company data:  (Top)

Indutek/Danish Tool Systems by Allan Andersen

Gimmingvej 1 -  DK-8930 Randers NÖ -  Denmark
cvr/vat : DK14875549
Tel. +45 7020 9320 - Mobile +45 3028 2935 - Fax + 45 8710 6044
URL:  -  E-mail : dts @

Flowdrill® logo and trademark is the property of Flowdrill B.V. Holland.
Indu-Lube® trademark is the property of Indutek/Danish Tool Systems.