Indutek/Danish Tool Systems:

Experience the benefits of : Indu-Lube minimal-lubr.,

Flowdrill, roll-form thread tapping and IXION drilling machines

Development - Manufacturing

Service - Method consulting




Friktional drilling


 TP Microspray Units

P-type drop lubricating units

Cold formed thread M8 in 2mm St.



Tapping tools :

Clou® - Flowtap

Cold forming: M2-M24 / G1/8"-1½"

Lubricants :

Indu-Lube® - DTS - Wisura

Vegetable based - Special - Evaporating

Flowdrill® logo and trademark is the property of Flowdrill B.V. Holland. 

Indu-Lube® trademark is the property of Indutek/Danish Tool Systems.

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